Diabetes is not as sweet as its name

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BANDUNG, CMIHOSPITAL.COM - Not all diabetes or diabetes must be treated with drugs. At the beginning of treatment, the doctor will first advise patients to adjust their diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle, so that blood sugar levels can be controlled. Then when do drugs need to be used? First of all, we must first distinguish the type of diabetes. Diabetes or diabetes is divided into two types, namely type 1 diabetes (DMT1) which usually appears at a young age and type 2 diabetes (DMT2) which usually appears in adulthood. The main purpose of managing diabetes is to control blood sugar levels, either by regulating diet, lifestyle changes, or administering diabetes medications. If blood sugar levels are not controlled, complications can arise in various organs of the body, such as the heart, kidneys, brain, and eyes.


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Diabetes is not as sweet as its name