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CMIhospital is one of the existing treatment destinations in Bandung, which can be the best choice for your current family's health and well-being goals.

CMIhospital as a practitioner of various disciplines, continues to develop science and technology in the health sector, proven to be able to combine two major disciplines, modern medicine and eastern medicine / father of the Doctor Ibn Sina, thus giving birth to a new breakthrough which is very famous "Formula Ibnu Sina" this formula is a splendor, art, which is of great value in this century. CMI Hospital is able to answer the challenges of today's health world.

CMIhospital means "Ibn Sina's Formula" tens of thousands of patients with heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, sugar / diabetes miletus were helped with a cure rate reaching 80%. The provision of "Ibn Sina Formula" to patients must undergo an examination of a specialist doctor (diagnosis) at CMI Hospital, drug compounding or "Ibn Sina Formula" according to the doctor's diagnosis, said dr. Ellyana Perwitasari, SpPK, MMRS As President Director of PT. CMI and the person in charge of the very multitalented Clinical Laboratory (person in charge of Medical Complementary CMI Hospital).

Complete health facilities and specialist doctors who are always ready to provide services to all patients. Modern health science and eastern health science of Ibn Sina combine into a form of beauty, splendor that provides comfort for all patients.

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