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CMI Main Clinic along with Complementary healing method

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Ibn Sina’s Formula

Long ago before CMI Hospital is built in 2008 (which back then was still under the name of GR Setra Polyclinic and complementary), the method of therapies for cancer, cardiac disease, kidney failure, as well as diabetes has been systematically created under the Qanun (Canon of Medicine) knowledge, a book written by Ibn Sina also know Avicenna, the father of modern medicine. The CMI Therapy or widely known as Ibn Sina’s Formula has been patients’ main reason for visiting this clinic and it also attracted the medical world’s attention. The Ibn Sina’s Formula is the corner stone of every medic in CMI as the main method of therapy for all patients who suffer deadly diseases such as cancer, heart disease, kidney failure as well as diabetes with a rate of succession up to 80%. Every medical personnel cooperate each other in order to give the best combination of modern medicine and classical Middle East therapy based on Ibn Sina with the purpose of increasing every visiting patient’s health quality as high as possible.


CMI Main Clinic

We are giving health services using two medical sciences, the modern medicine as well as our specialized complementary Middle Eastern medical science based on the books of” The Canon of Medicine” (Al Qanun fil al-tibb) made by Ibn Sina.


Griya Sehat GR Setra :

Empirical Traditional Health Services using Ibn Sina’s method for:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiac and blood vessels diseases


Vision :

  • We aim to be the best Modern Complementary Hospital in the world.


Mision :

  • To increase every patient’s health quality by using the combined modern medicine and Avicenna’s (Ibn Sina) medical science.
  • To create cooperation with various institution in order to extend the application range of Avicenna’s (Ibn Sina) medical science.
  • To increase the quality of Human Resources trough education, training and continues research.
  • To give health education to the masses to increase the general knowledge.


Our Services :

    • 24-hours of practice.
    • Our consultation in CMI Main Clinic is practiced by both general practitioners and specialists, as well as by highly experienced Complementary Consultants from Griya Sehat GR. Setra.
    • CMI Main Clinic is a main clinic which specialized in cardiac diseases, cancers, kidney diseases and diabetes.
    • Our hospitable follow up team will gladly help with monitoring and controlling the outpatients’ progress.


Contact Information :

Address :
Jalan Tubagus Ismail VII No. 21 Bandung, West java 40134
Phone :
+6222 2531000
Health Consultation :
+62821 2159 0000
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